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Srivani VIP Break Darshan Tickets
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Experience the divine like never before with our srivani trust donation. This exclusive offering grants you privileged access to the sanctum sanctorum, ensuring a shorter waiting time and priority break darshan at revered temples. Immerse yourself in the spirituality and blessings of these sacred places.

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VVIP Break Darshan tour

VIP Break Darshan Ticket Benefits

  • Exclusive Access to separate entry point
  • Shorter Waiting Time
  • Priority Darshan
  • Dedicated Path to the sanctum sanctorum
  • Enhanced Crowd Management
  • Personalized Attention from temple staff
  • Deep connection and Divine Blessings

VIP Break Darshan Ticket Price and Privileges

  • Each Person ₹10000 Donation + Ticket Charges
  • Devotees are allowed with Aarthi,Thirtham,Jadari and Prasadam.
  • Devotees can stand within 2-3 feet of the idol.
  • Each Person one Laddu.

Why Choose Padmavathi Travels for Srivani Trust Break Darshan

When it comes to planning your VVIP Srivani trust tickets journey, choosing the right service provider can make all the difference. Here's why Padmavathi Travels should be your top choice

Tirupati Donation Ticket Support

Contact us anytime at +91-6384433222 or +91-6384433222 for any inquiries or assistance regarding your srivani trust online booking. Our dedicated customer support team is available round the clock to address your needs and provide prompt solutions. Experience reliable and responsive service with Padmavathi Travels.

TTD VIP Darshan Recommendation Letter Process

Pilgrims are required to obtain a recommendation letter from a VIP on official letterheads.These letters Should be above MLA level or state-level officers.Pilgrims must submit recommendation letter at JEO Tirumala camp office. The letter should specify darshan date and number of Person.

Doorstep Pickup and Drop

Our services include convenient doorstep pickup and drop within Chennai city limits. Our professional drivers will ensure a comfortable and timely journey, allowing you to relax and prepare for the sacred moments ahead.

Timings of VIP Break Darshan at Tirumala Tirupati

VIP Break Darshan timings as of the latest 2023 update are as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: 10:15 am Thursday: 07:15 am Friday: 08:15 am Please note that during special occasions, Darshan timings may vary according to TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams) announcements.

Trusted Partnerships

Padmavathi Travels has established trusted partnerships with revered authorities and pilgrimage centers. This allows us to offer reliable and authentic Vip break darshan tickets online booking. You can rest assured that you will receive genuine and verified tickets for a truly enriching pilgrimage.

Personalized Attention

We understand that every pilgrimage is unique. Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized attention and care. Whether you have special requests, need assistance, or require guidance, we are here to ensure that your journey is tailored to your preferences and expectations.

Safety and Comfort

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. We maintain a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and adhere to strict safety protocols. Our experienced drivers will ensure a smooth and secure journey, allowing you to embark on your spiritual vvip break darshan tickets quest with peace of mind.

Reputation and Trust

Padmavathi Travels has earned a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and integrity. Our satisfied customers have placed their trust in us for their srivani trust online booking experiences. Join the ranks of those who have experienced the excellence of our services.

Booking of Srivani Trust Break Darshan Online Booking | VVIP Darshan

Privileges Bahumanams
Yearly Privileges One Time Privileges Yearly Bahumanams One Time Bahumanams
Seva Darshan Accomodation Darshan Seva Darshan Accomodation Darshan
₹ 1 to 9999
Acknowledgment Receipt
Acknowledgment Receipt
₹ 10000 to 99999
Acknowledgment Receipt
Up to 9 Break Darshans based on donation Amount.For every ₹ 10,000 one beginning Break Darshan Facility is available Acknowledgment Receipt
₹ 1 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs
Acknowledgment Receipt
- 1 day Darshan through supatham(for 5 person) 1 Day Accomodation (₹100 Tarrif) 06 Small Laddus 1 Dupatta & 1 Blouse Piece - -
₹ 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs
Acknowledgment Receipt
- 3 day Darshan through supatham(for 5 person) 3 Day Accomodation (₹100 Tarrif) 10 Small Laddus , 5 Mahaprasadam 1 Dupatta & 1 Blouse Piece - -
₹ 10 Lakhs to 1 Crore
Acknowledgment Receipt
- 3 day Beginning Break Darshan (for 5 person) 3 Day Accomodation (₹500 Tarrif) 20 Small Laddus , 10 Mahaprasadam 1 Dupatta & 1 Blouse Piece - 1 Gold Dollar(5 gms)
+ 1 Gold Plated Sliver Medallion
₹1 Crore and Above
Acknowledgment Receipt
- 3 day Beginning Break Darshan (for 5 person) 3 Day Accomodation (₹2542 Tarrif) 10 Big Laddus , 10 Mahaprasadam 1 Dupatta & 1 Blouse Piece 1 day veda Ashirvachanam 1 Gold Dollar(5 gms)
+ 1 Gold Plated Sliver Medallion

Ready to Embark on Your
VIP Darshan 10000 Tickets Booking Online?

Embark on a journey of divine bliss with our VVIP Break Darshan. Don't miss the chance to receive personalized attention, enhanced crowd management, and a deep connection with the divine. Book your spiritual adventure today, create lasting memories, bask in the blessings of the divine, and let your soul be enriched with unparalleled spiritual experiences. Join us on this sacred odyssey and make every moment count.


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Frequently Asking Question’s

TTd Vip break darshan tickets Break Darshan is an exclusive offering by TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams) that provides privileged access and a shorter waiting time for darshan (visit) at the Sri Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala Tirupati.

- Tirumala Balaji Darshan

Yes, VVIP Break Darshan with Padmavathi Travels is usually available on most days of the week, including weekdays and weekends. However, it is recommended to check the availability and schedule while making your booking to secure your preferred darshan day and time.

To book VVIP Break Darshan with Padmavathi Travels, you can visit our official website chat or contact our customer support. They will assist you with the booking process and provide the necessary guidance.

Yes, VIP Tickets ttd with Padmavathi Travels is available for everyone who wishes to have a more convenient and hassle-free darshan experience at the Sri Venkateswara Temple.

Yes, you can bring your family members or friends for VVIP Break Darshan with Padmavathi Travels. They provide options for group bookings to ensure that you can have a memorable darshan experience together.

Yes, Srivani Break Darshan participants have access to the Supadam entry gate, which is provided by TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams). This gate allows for a more streamlined entry process and a comfortable waiting area. Padmavathi Travels' staff will be available to assist and guide VIP Break Darshan participants throughout the darshan experience.